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How long should I see a psychologist for?
This depends on what your goals are and what you are looking for. Some of our clients come in to work on a goal they have for a specific event (triathlon or a professional golf competition for example). Others are looking for support and skills to enhance their performance as they move forward in their journey. We discuss what you want to get from sessions when you contact us and in ensuing sessions.

Do you work on a retainer basis?
We do. Many of our longer term clients like to use a retainer making it more convenient to go on course, training, or observe them in competition without the hassle of needing to worry about fees.
We also use retainers with clubs that we work with.

Do you run group sessions?
Currently we run two types of group sessions. If you look on our events page, you will find our group workshops but we also run group workshops for organisations schools and teams, upon request.

Is performance psychology just for elite athletes?
No, performance psychology isn't even just for athletes. We work with people involved in music, dance, theatre, sport, and business. Performance psychology is about helping you perform when you need to.

Who have you worked with?
We can not disclose names or factors that would identify people we have worked with. It's really important to us that we maintain confidentiality with all our clients.