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Our passion and commitment in maximising your performance ensures we continually develop our skills using cutting edge evidence based science. As well as having Masters degrees in Applied Psychology (Sport and Exercise) we have engaged in the following professional development

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology
  • Neuroscience of Anxiety
  • Acceptance and Mindfulness for Peak Performance
  • Exposure Therapy Strategies
  • Advanced Pain Managment in Practice
  • Schema Therapy
  • Advanced Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • European Sports Psychology Conference & Australian Government Winning Edge Conference


Dane Barclay

MAppPsych (Sport and Exercise), Ba (Psychology), MAPS


Dane consults to a range of state and national bodies and working with Olympians and Commonwealth games medalists, touring professionals, elite athletes and coaches as well as amateurs and grassroots sports people in a wide variety of sports both internationally and Australia wide.

"These are environments and situations– where there isn't time to be up in your head – they're high stakes – it's about focus and at times – focusing on task no matter what you think or how you feel."

As an expert in high performance behavoural change - Dane has written for a variety of national publications and appeared on national television and radio discussing topics relating to high performance psychology, performance anxiety, mental toughness, resilience and parenting athletes.

Dane's passion, expertise and knowledge in how humans can thrive under pressure, coupled with the use of strategic, empirically validated and progressive techniques, that are tailored to individual needs, has his clients performing with commitment, courage and confidence.

Dane is currently authoring a book with the working title – Spearing The Sabre Tooth Tiger: Stop Trying To Fight 300 Million Years of Evolution So You Can Perform When It Counts. It examines why it is that we struggle with performance consistency – and takes a pragmatic view on what to do about it.


Daniel Dymond

MAppPsych (Sport and Exercise), Ba (hons), Bsc (hons), MAPS.


Daniel works with professional tennis players, Olympic medalists and AFL players. He also consults in a variety of sports including soccer, rowing, golf, skiing, triathlon, boxing, and cycling.

He is passionate about helping people reach their potential.
The philosophy Daniel subscribes to when it come to performing under pressure is: become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

"Whether an elite athlete, weekend warrior, aspiring junior, performing artist, or doctor - it doesn't matter - we all have brains that are essentially comfort seeking, problem solving machines. This is helpful in many aspects of life, however in high stake moments, doing what is comfortable and what is helpful for performance are often completely opposite. That's why rather than seeking comfort, it is important to learn how to be comfortable with discomfort".

Daniel has given presentations to a variety of organisations including National Conferences, National Sporting Organisations and has appeared on National televesion discussing performance under pressure.

Daniel completed a Masters of Applied Psychology at The University of Queensland as well Honours in both Psychology and Sport Science.

Daniel's strengths are his ability to compassionately challenge his clients and create innovative methods to help athletes fulfil their potential. His weaknesses include Messina Gelato and dropping his iPhone.

Daniel has also conducted research in

  • Reducing Emotional and Cognitive Avoidance in Tennis Players to Aid Performance.
  • Recovery-Stress State and Motivation in Footballers.
  • Movitational Differences and Life satisfaction in Elite to Recreational Athletes.