Science to Practioner

For educational purposes, we have included a number of papers outlining the science behind psychology and performance.

Mechanisms of Change and the Scientific Development of Sport Psychology.

This article challenges the assumptions about traditional sport psychology beliefs and discusses the importance of examining why and how sport psychology techniques help behaviour change.

One Year Follow-Up of Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE) With Archers, Golfers, and Runners.

This article gives evidence for the use of Mindfulness based therapies. The athletes in this study showed enhanced mindfulness traits, assisting in performance.

A Brief Educational Intervention Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Four Injured Athletes' Experience.

This study looked at the experiences of 4 athletes with ACL injuries. Using a therapy called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), the study examined how it affected their well-being and abliity to stick to a rehab program.

Embracing The Social Cognitive Affective Motor Nature of Motor Control

This article explores how new findings and evidence suggest that with "motor" behaviour, it is important to assess all factors affecting the athlete. For example, goal kicking in AFL is not just a technical skill, but instead social, psychological, and cultural contexts must be examined to enhance the behaviour. 

Effects Of Stress Of Marathon Running On Implicit And Explicit Memory

In this study, marathon runners were given implicit and explicit memory tasks before or immediately after they completed a marathon. Runners tested immediately upon completing the marathon showed impairment in the explicit memory task but enhancement in the implicit memory task. This study indicates that human memory functioning can be dynamically altered by such activities as marathon running, and how we learn and remember things under stress inducing situations changes. This article may have important implications in how we reflect on competitions.

Multidisciplinary Teams In Sport

Group dynamics can be difficult to manage. Maladaptvie elements such as the forming of coalitions and unresovled conflict can bleed into a team's performance. This article discusses how to promote best practices in mulit-disciplinary teams (coach, physio, S&C, head coach, team doctor, sport psychologist etc). 

Stress Effects on Working Explicit and Implicit Memory In Healthy Men

This study's findings suggest that acute stress can be disruptive for working memory processing. Working memory impairments were associated with exposure to stress. It is important to look at how you manage stress and what coping mechanisms you have in place when things get tough.

Theoretical and Emperical Development of Mindfulness-Acceptance-Committment (MAC) Approach to Performance Enhancement

This study looks at how mindfulness and acceptance based theories and skills can assist the development of value-driven goals. 

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