Adolescent Brainstorm Performance Program


Is your child struggling at crucial times to bounce-back from mistakes?
Do they get anxious or upset about their performance?
Are they struggling to show mental toughness when they need to?

Our Adolescent Brainstorm Performance Program is targeted at enhancing their

  • Resiliency
  • Consistency
  • Psychological Growth

Age appropriate knowledge and strategies

We understand that teenagers process information differently from adults. We have designed a program that is engaging and provides important strategies that your child can use when it counts.

Micro and macro growth experiences

Your child will learn and grow from this experience. Although the skills taught will be focused on their sport, we often see these skills used in other domains such as school and social situations. We genuinely value helping your child flourish and be the best that they can be.

You’re an agent of change too!

From our experience we know the best results come from when parents are part of the process. Not only do we up skill your child, we up skill you with knowledge and strategies that help fast-track their growth and ability to perform when it counts.

Why we do, what we do

In the area of child development and performance, the success of the children that we work with is due to our passion in collaborating and researching with a range of professionals in allied health and sporting contexts – including giftedness. We incorporate this information into our programs so that your child can have effective strategies to enhance their confidence, their competence and their performance. We are two psychologists with a breadth of experience working with Olympic athletes, AFL players, touring professionals in golf tennis, triathlon, snowsports and have been helping juniors on their journey to success via a range of different pathways.