Performance When It Counts


At PSPC, we rely on firm evidence-based research to inform our practice. Everyone is different, so we offer a comprehensive assessment of your individual strengths and weaknesses. Once your needs assessment has been clearly established, you and the practitioner will start to address the primary areas of change through increasing your self-knowledge and self-awareness.

The program will be uniquely tailored to your needs using highly effective scientific methods to create behavioural change. We will give you honest feedback about your patterns; we will put great emphasis and effort into providing you with insight that leads to positive long term performance change, not just a short-term feel good impression of performance change.

We expect great things from ourselves and we want great things for you.

Whether you are an elite, aspiring athlete or amateur, with our expertise we will lead you to empowerment through commitment, personal challenges and accountability. Continual assessment and feedback will ensure that your objectives will be fulfilled.