Injury and Rehabilitation


Injury can create great concern for athletes and performers. This change from competing and performing regularly with team mates to spending time in the gym and having movement restricted can cause loss of confidence, anxiety, isolation, frustration, depression and difficulty in returning to a pre-injury level of performance.

In some cases due to the severity of injury or the difficulty can cause career termination (professional and amateur), which is a great source of stress for people when they are suddenly faced with uncertainty, grief, and loss.

It's important to have a support network that understands your perspective.

To help get you back to performing consistently, revitalised, or even give you the confidence to commit to your rehabilitate psychologists at PSPC will:

  • Assess your current mood levels and beliefs about your injury
  • Help you trust your ability again
  • Give you the skills and support to get back on track in your career
  • Manage the uncertainty and anxiety of career transition
  • Work in conjunction a network of nutritionists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, clinical pilates instructors and practitioners to ensure positive outcomes