Coaching and Mentoring


Coaching and managing people is often acknowledged as one of the most important skills to develop in becoming an excellent coach. Whilst coaching certifications and seminars teach technical and tactical skills, training exercises, and even sometimes touch on mental skills; how much time is spent on developing man management skills?

Great coaching extends beyond the technical and tactical, and into understanding how athletes generally respond under pressure but even more so as to how the individual responds.

In high pressure and high performing environments, how coaches model their behaviours and communication is fundamental in enabling task focused attention for their athletes. Learning and applying methods to develop high performing athletes can be what separates a good coach from an excellent one.

Whilst time and experience can help coaches improve your man management skills to a point, explicitly developing your understanding of how people operate under pressure can take your coaching to another level.

Some of the skills we can help develop in coaches

  • Understand emotions
  • Learn how emotions and thoughts can interplay delicately to affect behaviours
  • Use your emotional intelligence
  • Hold true to your values
  • Enhance the Coach-Athlete Relationship

We deliver a range of coaching and mentoring programs, each tailored to meet the needs of the client group. Our work then looks to develop personal awareness and leadership skills. We see leaders as having the courage and awareness to promote core values, reinforcing behaviours to others that lead to peak performance.

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