The Genesis Program

Break Away From Old Performance Patterns

questionarrow-solid-greyDo you seem to lose to weaker opposition?
arrow-solid-greyDo you struggle to perform when it matters most?
arrow-solid-greyIs choking under pressure a problem for you?
arrow-solid-grey Have you found yourself repeating similar errors?
arrow-solid-greyAre you better in training than in competition?

arrow-solidPattern Breaking

Breaking patterns can be really difficult. Our brains develop networks that can keep us going around and around in circles and never getting where we want to. It develops connections from behaviours and doesn't know that these behaviours – even though they feel useful at the time - hinder performance and goal achievement.


Our Genesis Program is designed to help you retrain your brain to respond differently to familiar situations.

genesis-goal-achievementAwareness, attentional shifting, emotional regulation, commitment and action are some of the key elements we help you attain to move forward with your goals.

Whether you're a golfer who finds it difficulty to break a pattern of performance, a tennis player who underperforms in competition or an athlete struggling to break free of old habits, we can help you change your performance path for the better.

arrow-solidWhy we do what we do

We are passionate about challenging the status quo, seeing people overcome obstacles and using effective techniques to change in our clients. We love challenging our clients and helping them break free of behaviours that affect their confidence and self-belief.