Health Practitioners

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Clients Performing In The Presence of Pressure, Stress and Opportunity

For Psychologists:

Melbourne 17th November, 2017, Lakeside Stadium, Athletics House, Albert Park

Sydney 24th November 2017, Rushcutters Bay Tennis Club, Bartley Room, Rushcutters Bay 2011

This workshop will provide you with knowledge to equip your clients with the skills to let go of the struggle that can impact performance, in the moment. You will learn to help your clients thrive under pressure, focus on what matters, and improve the quality of meaningful relationships in their daily performance environment.

Learning objectives of this training:
1 A deep understanding of the core competencies and behaviours that characterise an ACT-consistent therapeutic stance.
2 Extend beyond Mindfulness training and develop greater acceptance, defusion and value based skills.
3 Client Conceptualisation in a range of contexts.
4 Reflect on your own internal processes as a practitioner and how this impacts on therapeutic goals.

How will you benefit from this training?
• Develop your core ACT competencies to assist clients in attending to what matters in the presence of internal psychological experiences.
• Increase your flexibility to respond to different clientele needs.
• New acceptance and defusion techniques and metaphors.

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